Sorority girls tested and sexually abused when they get the answers wrong

I watched this hazing video a while ago and loved it, I even had another blog post with a short sample of it that you can watch here, actually it was the one that got me to join up to hazeher in the first place.  There is just something about watching one group of girls dominating and sexually abusing another group which is basically what goes on in these college hazing movies.  The blonde senior in this vid is just so bossy and mean to the new girls and really throws her weight around.

The sorority test bit is great where the senior girls questions the new pledges about certain traditions and secret knowledge of the sorority and when the girls get the answer wrong she makes then do some crazy things like lie down while she sits on their face, planting her bare ass directly in the poor girls nose.


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The great coed pledge sale | nude college girls sold to frat boys



It’s an interesting thing the psychological aspect that is going on in these hazing videos and the group mentality on show where even girls who would usually be quite shy and reserved are willing to sometimes do the most outrageous and exhibitionist things just to a part of the group.  Things that these new college girls would have never thought they would do such as lesbian sex and licking their friends pussy they will do to get into the sorority.

Some hazing rituals can be quite dangerous or even abusive so at haze her we only accept submission videos that are on the sexy side rather than anything else.  Take this group of coed pledges are made to get naked in front of a group of men they have never met before and are then sold off like some sort of sex slaves to a group of frat boys.  They guys bid high money for the girls and then take them off to a room for a private showing where the ladies engage in some hardcore lesbian sex sticking dildos in each others pussies while the guys look on in amazement and consider their money well spent.

Sorority pledges forced to wrestle naked in jelly then rub each down in the shower

This weeks hazing submission sent into hazeher takes place in a gym locker room where the sorority sisters have prepared a special treat for their pledges and something they are sure will provide them and us with some great entertainment.  The girls who want into this sorority are going to have to fight it out in a big tub of jello.

There are few things more sexy to watch than some scantily clad ladies in bikinis in a good old fashioned jelly wrestling contest trying to bring the other girl down and ripping of the tops and panties of the other girl and that’s just what we get to see here.  Lots of groping and rubbing up of oiled naked females while all the sorority sisters stand around and cheer on their favourites.

After the fun and games of this even the ladies are a mess so it’s time to hit the showers where the pledges are made to clean each others naked bodies and every inch must be sparkling clean.  The college girls are all soapy and wet and think that the humiliating hazing ceremony is over till the call comes out to lick some pussy!  Some really hot girls in this group and they do not fail to please as they set their tongues to work in making each other cum.

sorority girls exercising nude in the gym


The sorority sisters today aren’t happy with the quality of the new recruits and let them know in no uncertain terms that no fat bitches will be allowed in this sorority, they have a reputation to uphold and how can they do that by allowing fat whores to join?  There is only one thing to do and that’s to get the girls to workout, so the new pledges are marched into the gym and instructed to strip down and get to work.

Soon the new pledges are all sweaty from their naked exercise session but this hazing is only just getting started and their sorority sisters get more and more demanding.  with one of the pledges lying over a medicine ball with her ass in the air the new pledges are forced to lick her ass!  Talk about humiliating but like good little whores they submit to their demands and put their tongues to work.  Then its off to the showers to clean up before some more forced lesbian action as they finger each other.. Pretty amazing stuff!

Best in show haze her humiliating sorority initiation

This Sorority decided to show off their best rushes to their male counterparts to judge and pick a winner, The rushes were stripped down only wearing a collar and leash. they had to do tricks and prance around show off their asses and pussies. after a quick game of dildo fetch the rushes had to show off their sexual skills by having a three way in front of the judges and sisters. we have to say this is one of the best videos we’ve received to day. .

new rush pledges ride the bench of judgement in the haze her sorority initiation challenge


Man this is seriously fucked up, these girls really wanted to win the money and be the winner on this weeks haze her site so they set up what they affectionately called the bench of judgement and brought in a group of new sorority pledges who really had no idea what was going on or what was planned for them.  With abuse shouted at them at every turn they were instructed to take their place on the bench which was really just a long chair with a bunch of big dildos stuck to it!

These new rush pledges had to earn their place in this sorority and rode those big dildos like they whores they really are while their big sorority sisters shouted at them the whole time.  Apparently the effort the new new girls put in for their college initiation wasn’t near enough so they had to have the shame fucked out of them and the sorority sisters strapped on some big cocks and fucked some sense into the whiny little bitches.  Damm I almost felt sorry for these college sluts till I saw just how much they enjoyed the whole thing.  Definitely a winning haze her submission from **** sorority house, thanks ladies :)


Sorority freshmen wrestle and exercise naked during wharehouse hazing ceremony


I remember my college days so I have to wonder if things have changed and if girls went through this stuff back then.  It really makes me wonder if its worth it to be in a sorority and go through a crazy naked initiation like this but even though these girls seem a little embarrassed and humiliated at first they appear to get into it and actually get off on the whole thing in the end.

Stripped of all their clothing they are forced to do naked exercise in front of all their sorority sisters who taunt and degrade them, instructing them to do the most degrading things and even out and out lesbian type stuff.  These hazing stories really take it to a new level and I hope for the girls sake it all works out in the end.  College life is a time to be free and explore new things and if that means first you gotta lick some pussy to be part of the cool crowd then that;s what you gotta do.  Welcome to college ladies!

topless sorority girls flashing their boobs

Public nudity and college girls streaking naked in the dorm – Haze her




“Alright girls bend over and show me that ass” screams one of the big sorority sisters to the new hopeful sorority pledges who are already stripped down to their bare bottoms and completely vulnerable to the whims of the sorority sisters desires.  The girls in this hazing movie are less apprehensive than some of the other naked college initiation videos ive seen but no doubt that has a bit to do with one of the girls reminding them that there is a lot of money at stake.  All the girls bend over and jiggle their bare asses and they are told to touch their toes for an extra touch of humiliation!

The rush pledges are then brought out into the hall where they streak naked and even ride a bicycle up and down the hallway!  Some great college girl nudity to watch in this clip but after this bit of fun all the girls are brought again inside for some more intimate lesbian hazing action and they form a sorority square and eat each others pussies desperately trying to make the other cum.  The big sorority sisters simply sit back and enjoy the show calling them sluts and whores and demanding that they moan louder!  Awesome stuff from haze her yet again.



Naked freshman college girls hazed in the woods at night and made to lick pussy



The winner of this weeks nude hazing video submitted to haze her was sent in from a college in the midwest and features 4 freshman college girls taken out to a field for a wild hazing ritual. 2 black girls and 2 white girls are initiated into the sorority life but first they must be prepared to do whatever their sorority sisters demand.  They have the girls run naked while they throw feathers over them and then hose them down as they say they are such dirty bitches they need to be cleaned,

One of the senior sorority girls laughs at the pledges humiliation and say how she can’t believe they are getting it all on tape and how she will send the video home to their mothers!  The hazing video climaxes in a lesbian session where the girls are forced to lick pussy and although hesitant at first all the new college girls soon come to discover the joys of lesbian love.


nude pussy inspection and lesbian face sitting for the new college pledges in a wild college lesbian hazing


Oh dear, here comes another group of sorority pledges and the gig sisters here show them no mercy at all, in fact the main blonde girl who takes charge in this sorority hazing video is such a bossy and mean bitch she gets them to do all sorts of degrading and humiliating things, she really gets off on the power trip right from the start when she conducts an intimate nude inspection of all the pledges getting them to bend over and sticking her finger in their pussies!

She has all the new college girls line up naked and proceeds to test them by asking a series of questions such as what is their sorority motto and when she gets the wrong answer she has them lie down on their backs and then sits on their faces forcing them to stick their tongues in her pussy while the other girls watch on and call her a dirty slut.   This lesbian hazing video is off the hook and was a clear winner this week.