The great coed pledge sale | nude college girls sold to frat boys



It’s an interesting thing the psychological aspect that is going on in these hazing videos and the group mentality on show where even girls who would usually be quite shy and reserved are willing to sometimes do the most outrageous and exhibitionist things just to a part of the group.  Things that these new college girls would have never thought they would do such as lesbian sex and licking their friends pussy they will do to get into the sorority.

Some hazing rituals can be quite dangerous or even abusive so at haze her we only accept submission videos that are on the sexy side rather than anything else.  Take this group of coed pledges are made to get naked in front of a group of men they have never met before and are then sold off like some sort of sex slaves to a group of frat boys.  They guys bid high money for the girls and then take them off to a room for a private showing where the ladies engage in some hardcore lesbian sex sticking dildos in each others pussies while the guys look on in amazement and consider their money well spent.

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